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CSR Day – Narrowboat Support

CSR Day - Narrowboat Support

As part of our corporate social responsibility programme (CSR), we allow our team members to have CSR days where they are able to give back to our local communities and good causes through volunteering activities.

Recently, Mike Weingaertner and Shaun O’Neill used their CSR days to help a local resident, Paul Lunn, who has a disability to move heavy and difficult items from a storage unit onto his narrowboat.

Following the CSR day, Paul Lunn, said: “I would just like to say a big thank you to both Mike and Shaun for helping me move onto my narrowboat, and to Becky Booth for organising it. Moving onto a narrowboat has been challenging with my disability, but your help has been fantastic and my boat feels more like a home now I have some furniture! I was very interested to hear when Mike and Shaun told me about the important work Gateley RJA does on ensuring new housing projects have the facilities wheelchair users like me really need. Thank you very much!”

A big well done to all involved.