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Gateley RJA strikes gold with Investors in People accreditation

Gateley RJA strikes gold with Investors in People accreditation

We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded gold status of the Investors in People (IIP) We invest in people accreditation until 2025, demonstrating our commitment to creating an engaging and thriving workplace to support the development of employees.

The internationally recognised standard for people management evaluates companies using its ‘We invest in people’ employee framework to assess the health and well-being of organisations. The detailed assessment process involves an employee survey and individual interviews with team members, including senior management.

An outstanding result as a growing property and construction consultancy   

During our latest IIP We invest in people assessment, we have been promoted from our previous silver level to gold status, performing within the top 23% of organisations. As well as increasing our own score, we have also ranked ahead of the average benchmark within our industry sector.

Since our last assessment in 2020, we have increased our staff headcount from 20 to 64 people, expanded our Leicestershire office premises, opened a second office in West Bridgford, Nottingham and been acquired by Gateley to become part of its Property Platform, further expanding our resource, service offerings and client base.

Golden feedback from employees

Our feedback saw us being commended on setting and using clear measures of performance, understanding and sharing the values, having a plan for the future and creating trust through open communications. We were also praised for our evident team spirit and supportive environment, as well as investment in learning and development to support growth.

Richard Julian, founder and managing director at Gateley RJA, said: “We are delighted to have raised our previous silver Investors in People accreditation to gold status, meaning we are ranked as above average for our sector peer group.

“Since our last assessment in 2020, the company has undergone major organisational changes and we have seen our client base and workload expand significantly. Throughout this period of transformation, our team spirit and company values have remained at the core of everything we do. We are very much aligned with Gateley’s purpose of inspiring our people and we pride ourselves on maintaining an exceptional workplace environment. In addition to our culture, we actively endorse and support the development of junior talent within the industry through apprenticeship schemes to produce homegrown talent. So, this achievement really is testament to our senior management team and all our employees who work tirelessly to ensure Gateley RJA is such a great place to work.”

Five-star ratings: employee testimonials from the IIP assessment process

“Happy staff, happy customers! It’s really easy to remember and everyone has thoroughly bought in to this. Put simply, if we’re happy, the customers are happy. Once you know how the company built up, you get the passion. If you need to question our motto – look at the history and what we’ve done. We will succeed in the future.”

“I definitely feel trusted… I can see how this trust has grown as I’ve developed in the role. I’m now doing things on my own where previously I’d have been observed and that feels great.”

“We get lots of praise. As well as direct verbal praise, they put messages on the App or emails are sent throughout the business. There is a newsletter that comes out monthly and they put thanks and good news stories in there. They put out messages on social media so everyone gets to see it. We have team days where we’ll go somewhere for a mini conference, lunch and stuff to say thanks.”

“I get apprentice reviews with at least one director if not two. I really value this time and the investment they are making in me. No one else at university gets this.”

“I feel encouraged to give things a go… and if they don’t work out, we’ll learn from that, put it right and move forward. There’s a healthy culture, where no one gets in trouble for trying to improve.”

“This is the happiest I’ve been in a job – it’s the place, the way people talk to one another, the level of excitement. Directors do everything they can to make it a happy place. We’re looked after. It’s the little things – the well dones, the pastries on Fridays, social events… if you came in miserable, someone would notice and say do you want a chat? You’re cared about and looked after.”

“This company recognises that recruiting and training apprentices is instrumental to the successful growth and development of their business. They actively promote apprentices to significant roles, clearly demonstrating their commitment and recognition of the great value that apprentices bring to their workforce. This company has developed strategies which support the well-being of their apprentices including a pastoral mentor.”