Experience in Affordable Housing

We know the affordable and social housing sector is a challenging one for registered providers, with an increasing demand for housing coupled with uncertainty around government funding.

Our broad and extensive experience in this sector allows us to be innovative and proactive, working with both traditional housing associations and for-profit registered providers.

We work extensively in the affordable and social housing sector, delivering thousands of new homes across a range of housing needs, from general needs to specialist supported housing. In doing so, we give our clients a commercial edge while ensuring high-quality homes are provided for those who need them most.

Experience in Private Housing

We understand the importance of building private residential properties that meet certain aspirations: financially, qualitatively and socially. There’s a need to maintain margins but also a desire to deliver a property that has market appeal.

Our approach is one of collaboration, working hard with all stakeholders to ensure delays are eliminated and costs are kept to a minimum. This approach, along with our commitment to incorporate cost effective sustainable initiatives that will ultimately contribute to raising the standards of the UK’s housing stock, has led to longstanding and effective partnerships – as well as repeat business.

To date, we’ve worked with private developers, national housebuilders and high net worth individuals to deliver on a wide range of residential projects across the UK.

Our approach may differ to others, but we care to do better

What is Gateley RJA's approach to delivery?

What is it like to work and be supported by Gateley RJA?

What differentiates Gateley RJA from others?

Recently completed Residential projects.

Gateley RJA has experience delivering an exceptional service on a range of projects within the Residential sector.

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It is a thoroughly enjoyable experience working with Gateley RJA as they have always shown a very professional, knowledgeable and considerate approach.

Gateley RJA is always available to discuss issues that arise and is up to the task of dealing with the challenges our Developer Partners present on occasion. This gives Town & Country Housing confidence that the projects are being delivered in the best possible way. I am looking forward to working together again on future schemes.